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ECompanyCard is a mobile app designed to promote startups, small businesses, and modern companies. It's a unique eCommerce platform where you can search for products & services online to make purchases in physical stores. The professionals, employees, and students can build up their network by using ECompanyCard.

Our Key Features


ECompanyCard displays contact information similar to a paper business card. Still, it allows you to use these options by clicking on cell numbers, websites, emails, social media links, and business addresses.


It's a unique eCommerce platform where you can search for products & services online to make purchases in physical stores.You can Search for the product/Service name using the search box. You can also choose/enter the preferred city or address.


You can post and share content on ECompanyCard using the Add Post at the top of the ECompanyCard Post page. You can see the posts of those users who added you as a network in the network posts.

Select Category

You can select a category for your post. It depends on the type of the post; you may be asked to choose additional categories. Enter the text & Image for your post.


Now the buyers can get more information about any product and services without disclosing their contact details, and businesses are getting more leads.


You can get up to date on your experience, education, top skills and projects & achievements. It's helpful for new opportunities to knock on your door.


We know that references play a vital role in getting good jobs. You have the opportunities to showcase your profile to more people in your network and get ahead in the market.

My Business

You can set currency, add business hours, book an appointment and add products & services without an IT guy.

My Business

We know that most of the websites they never get any visitor after spending thousands and maintenance are expensive. You can manage your products and services by yourself be the real boss.

Grow Your Network With ECompanyCard

You have several options to grow your network and showcase your products and services. These options are Social media, emails, and text messages and many more.

We Help You Grow

ECompanyCard Mobile App enables all its users with constant support and wide set of tools to develop and grow their businesses and projects.

QR Code Desk Standee

You can print QR Code Desk Standee. It's free or orders a wide range of desk standees from the upgrade account option.

What People Say

This is an amazing app. Once I installed it, I was able to manage every aspect of successfully running my business.

When you work with customers, it is very important to pay attention to their every wish. With your app it became possible!

Your app allowed me to take care of every side of the projects I’m currently working on. It is a perfect assistance tool!